winter garden

February’s Garden

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Some consider February deep winter, others feel they've got the worst behind them and it's just a quick sprint to March. I have grown to appreciate February.  The sentiment is surprising and a long time coming for this once-California girl, but I can trace its evolution back to the moment we moved to Oldmeadow six [...]

January’s Garden

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A new year, a new growing season. We are experiencing quite a warm up this month both in the Mid-Atlantic and elsewhere in the Northeast and Midwest.  Muddy pathways are not fun, but to walk down to the barn in the morning and feel the sun warm on my face instead of gritting my teeth [...]

December’s Garden

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December is a month of transition in the gardener’s mind -- I look at it like a well-deserved break and savor every second. The growing season is well and truly over, but most of us are not quite ready to begin the daydreaming which will eventually lead to spring.  We're still thinking about this year's [...]

Get Your Festive On

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December. Joy, Mirth, and seventeen other one word slogans on cotton dishtowels.     Are you ready? We are sent out to achieve the impossible this month.  In the midst of lives already conducted at 75 mph, and without any real vacation time, we are asked to do the following ten tasks with a smile [...]

East Coast / West Coast: We’ve All Got Our Issues

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If you look carefully, there are very few places teeming with more stories than an airport terminal. In more innocent days when such things were still allowed, I’d hang out occasionally at the international arrivals gate watching people reconnect after time apart. The idea that I should have so much free time on my hands [...]

A Longwood Christmas: Not Just For Gardeners

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Perhaps you’ve heard that approximately 2 ½ hours north of Central Maryland there is a world-class garden where fireworks and fountains explode every summer, horticultural splendor is commonplace and inspiration for the common gardener is calf-deep. A place called Longwood.   A magical feast in The Music Room   And perhaps you’ve ignored [...]

Digging Into Cuttings

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Winter is a time for research, and not just of the deeper contents of one’s drinks cabinet. Are there techniques that you’ve been wanting to know a little bit more about? Perhaps you want to familiarize yourself with some of the great garden essayists, or prepare yourself to visit a few of the big name [...]