Growing Daffodils for Maximum Enjoyment

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If you had to pick one flowering plant whose appearance on the scene signals the return of spring and all her little angels, which one would it be? The plant collectors might scream “Adonis!” -- the neophytes “Forsythia!” but for me and for many others, there is no sweeter reminder of warm days ahead than [...]

The Redbuds are Coming! The Redbuds are Coming!

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This morning I spent two precious hours as a machete-wielding rock climber cutting back vines and brambles.  This is not an unusual occupation when you live in a woodland, but today I was there for one reason and one reason only: to free from suffocation the immature redbuds that have seeded themselves along the lane [...]

Standing on The Edge of a New Season

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Wednesday night’s after-school activities (and I suppose one could argue, after-life activities) consist of a long drive to a neighboring community where my daughter attends her confirmation class, and I hunt for a quiet chair, an electrical outlet and an unemployed Muse to come and sit with me awhile. If the garden has seen much [...]

The 2017 PHS Flower Show – “Holland” is So Much More Than Bulbs

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Choosing a theme like “Holland: Flowering the World” gives the Philadelphia Flower Show a great opportunity to surprise and delight the public.  After all, attendees already think they know what they’ll see when they walk through that bank of doors and onto the show floor of the Convention Center:     Bulbs, and lots of [...]


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I realize that I'm giving you a lot to choose from on the weekend of May 21st, but luckily you don't need to choose.  Garden tours in Frederick, MD and Shepherdstown, WV run on both Saturday AND Sunday! You've already heard a bit of news about Frederick's tour, but if you've never made the gorgeous [...]

Somebody Stop Me: The Frenzy of Plant Buying

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It would take a stronger woman than I to walk away. We’re acquiring right now. Oh come on, don’t pretend that you’re the only one abstaining.  Seventy-five degrees with a light easterly breeze and low humidity works on gardeners the way a little Cole Porter and the smell of fresh roasted coffee works [...]