April’s Garden

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The signs of spring right now are real, but can feel illusory when the wind begins to gust or the sun is covered by a passing cloud. Or we get phone alert that our state is issuing a Stay At Home Order. But assuming that the earth has not fundamentally changed its course, we should [...]

Let the Cutting Back Begin

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By the beginning of April, seed starting has been featuring heavily on the gardener’s weekend to-do list, claiming what little time we have between catch-up laundry and filing the dreaded 1040.  By the time we finally draw breath and look around at the new life perhaps springing out of hedgerow and front walkway, it has [...]

The 2017 PHS Flower Show – “Holland” is So Much More Than Bulbs

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Choosing a theme like “Holland: Flowering the World” gives the Philadelphia Flower Show a great opportunity to surprise and delight the public.  After all, attendees already think they know what they’ll see when they walk through that bank of doors and onto the show floor of the Convention Center:     Bulbs, and lots of [...]

Big Dreams, Small Garden

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Over the last eight years, I have written many columns encouraging people to face the space in which they find themselves and to create the garden that lives within them. Particularly in the midst of the difficult economic period of the last decade. Disturbingly, one of the things that I often heard when I initially [...]


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It's garden tour time folks, and for those in Central Maryland or Northern Virginia, this one is right in our backyard. For over twenty years, the Frederick, Maryland Beyond the Garden Gates tour has attracted gardeners and non-gardeners alike to a terrific line-up of public and private gardens.  I'll attend many private tours over the [...]