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November’s Garden

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November often starts with gentle frosts and easy, Instagrammable scenes, but by its end, winter is unofficially upon the Mid-Atlantic. Lawns have taken on a muted, tawny shade and the deciduous trees will stand naked by December 1st. Hopefully you have planted some colorful stemmed shrubs and trees to make this transition exciting.  [See "I [...]

Not All Tropicals Are Divas: Here’s an Easy Way to Overwinter Them

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Updated 11/4/19 Hopefully by now you have brought in the majority of your tender succulents and tropical evergreens/gorgeous houseplants for the [presumably] long winter ahead.  And hopefully by now, you have found room for them in living spaces that will soon bear the clutter of holiday decorating and higher-than-average persons per square foot. Dealing with [...]

Order Bulbs for The Spring Garden (Before Everyone Else Has)

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Few things motivate a gardener the way that getting a plant ahead of another gardener does;  and by the end of August we need motivation more than we need food and water. To that end, I would like to draw your attention to the random assortment of bulb catalogs that started showing up two months [...]

A Beech for All Seasons

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Well, it’s happened. The leaves are more or less gone and it looks like winter out there.  A friend writes on social media “‘Tis bitter cold. And I am sick at heart.” – though he might be referring to something else entirely. I myself am in a Midsummer Night’s Dream frame of mind, thinking more [...]

September’s Garden

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The best of both worlds is present in the garden during the month of September. There is the last of the summer harvest to be gathered, but with the reddening of dogwoods, and the cooler evenings, we will find it difficult to mutter too loudly under our breaths as we gather it. Now we can [...]