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website-resourcesThere’s a lot of information out there to inspire and help us in our gardening efforts. But it is important to remember that, as gardeners, we should be gardening – and time disappears like magic when the computer gets involved.

It makes sense to find your go-to references  (here is an annotated list of mine), and add a couple voices

[blogs] that you trust and enjoy reading.  In this way you can benefit from the incredible gifts of the digital world, but not let that world take over your life and prevent you from doing the very thing you’re reading about.

It’s Internet, Old World Style.


Horticultural Information: – Educational gold mine for Maryland/Mid-Atlantic Gardeners. – Excellent database of fact sheets on everything garden. – Another smart resource for the gardener looking for a specific plant or pest and facts on its native/invasive status. – Don’t know your zone? Plug in your zip code and you’ll get it. – When deer are responsible for your alcoholism, this list might help in planting smarter. – Witty, informative and often wise, Gardenrant is a guilty pleasure that I’m not giving up anytime soon. Plus they publish my heretical views on blogging – how can I not respect and love them? – Popular worldwide gardening forum and chat site.


Catalog Sites:

Peaceful Valley Farm Supply2017-01-02-15_49_40-renees-garden-seeds – Organic catalog site with seeds, plants, equipment and great advice.

Renee’s Garden Seeds – A terrific place to buy seeds (many of which you will find in local nurseries).  New, old, innovative, traditional…you’ll find it here. The catalog is online only, but the amount of information on each seed packet is incredibly helpful to the gardener.  The gorgeous watercolor images are just gravy.

Heirloom Seeds – Open pollinated seeds for the gardener who wants to collect seeds in the fall (instead of taking a vacation).

Brent and Becky’s Bulbs – I have a special place in my heart for these wonderful people and their fabulous selection of bulbs.  This is their passion and gardeners all over the world have trusted them for decades.

Forest Farm – Not only a wonderful database for plants, but a place to buy them too.

Gurneys – Great for the beginner with a lot of square footage to fill. Seed/plant site with lots of old fashioned and newer varieties that are fairly easy on the pocketbook.

Plant Delights – Each January, a nursery friend and I get together with our mutual friends, Gin and Tonic, build a fire in the fireplace and dream over this catalog. Unbelievable selection (particularly for shade) from all over the world, but even if you weren’t into rare plants, Tony Avent’s irreverent descriptions of some of his favorites are worth the read.

Camellia Forest – Woody paradise for camellias, rare trees and shrubs. I came, I saw, I wanted.

American Meadows – Online nursery with a strong commitment to natives, bulbs, seeds and wildflowers.  You’ll find strong healthy plants, lots of growing information and a wonderful staff ready to answer all your questions.

Nature Hills Nursery – A large mail order nursery with a huge amount of information on planting, growing and loving your favorite plants – as well as many you may never have heard of.  They’ve got an easily navigable website and that makes a huge difference when you’re browsing.


Favorite Books:

Sometimes you just want a book.  Or several thousand.  My personal library is extensive and constantly reminds me that many of the experts out there don’t have time to blog, update, tweet, share, pin and post – they’re too busy compiling incredible reference books. Here are a few of my favorites broken down by categories – some old, some new, all wonderful:

books5General Flower Gardening:

Christopher Lloyd’s Flower Garden – Christopher Lloyd

When Perennials Bloom – Tomasz Anisko

What Plant Where – Roy Lancaster

Color Echoes – Pamela Harper

Designing with Perennials – Pamela Harper

Taylor’s Guide to Growing North America’s Favorite Plants – Barbara Ellis


General Information:

Dirr’s Hardy Trees and Shrubs – Michael Dirr

The Complete Gardener – Monty Don

Rodale’s Garden Problem Solver – Rodale Press

Botanical Latin – William T. Stern

AHS Encyclopedia of Plants & Flowers – Christopher Brickell (ed.)

Hortus Third – Cornell University

Garden-pedia: An A-to-Z Guide to Gardening Terms – Maria Zampini & Pamela Bennett


cabbage1General Vegetable Gardening:

The New Victory Garden – Bob Thompson

The New Kitchen Garden – Anna Pavord

The Vegetable Gardener’s Bible – Edward C. Smith

Growing Seeds and Vegetables from Seed to Harvest – Terry and Mark Silber

Square Foot Gardening – Mel Bartholomew


Specialty/Natural World:

Backyard Foraging – Ellen Zachos

The Countryside Cookbook – Gail Duff

The Backyard Beekeeper – Kim Flottum

Newcomb’s Wildflower Guide – Lawrence Newcomb

The Field Guide to Mushrooms – William S. Thomas


And when I’m in the mood to just read about the pleasures of gardening:

In My Garden/Cuttings – Christopher Lloyd

The Essential Earthman/One Man’s Garden – Henry Mitchell

The Living Garden – George Ordish

Gardening Mad – Monty Don

Thomas Jefferson The Garden and Farm Books – Robert C. Baron

The Founding Gardeners – Andrea Wulf

Deep-Rooted Wisdom – Jenks Farmer