This Month’s Garden

March’s Garden

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Even though we know better in the Mid-Atlantic, expectations of spring are high in March. The weather of today will not necessarily be the weather of tomorrow; but whether we’re dealing with a blissful weekend warm-up, or our largest snowfall of the season, we know one thing for certain – days are getting longer and [...]

April’s Garden

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The signs of spring right now are real, but can feel like an illusion when the wind is gusting.  But, assuming that the earth has not fundamentally changed its course, we should standing now at the beginning of something wonderful. April is traditionally the month when non-gardeners start thinking about the garden.  Tomatoes go in [...]

May’s Garden

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May has symbolized rebirth and a definitive end to winter throughout the centuries. For many gardeners, this is the month that their garden is at its best – and ironically, the month that they will be visiting other gardens for inspiration. To that end, this year I'll be taking a tour group with CarexTours to [...]

July’s Garden

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A shift is happening in the garden with the onset of July. The exuberance of spring is over, and gardeners are left looking at the remains of a pretty good party. Whether your garden looks hungover or not depends on the planting you did in the spring. Let's hope it included some flowering heat survivors [...]