Neither an Influencer Nor a Follower Be

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[ed. The following article can also be found stirring up comments at Garden Rant later this week.] Tesselaar’s Blue Storm Agapanthus is worth growing because it’s a high-impact, no-nonsense plant, not because it typifies the 2016 Color of the Year “Serenity” – photo credit: Tesselaar Plants, 2006 Though I enjoy dressing well, I’m [...]

Local Fresh, Local Strong, Local Co-op

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I have a clear memory of sitting at my kitchen table four years ago and reading a newspaper article about a small group that was forming to discuss a neighborhood grocery store three miles from my home in Brunswick, MD. My memory is probably so clear because something inside nagged at me to save the [...]

Garden Where You Are, Not Where You’re Not

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My first garden, against a wall, in a parking lot next to my tiny apartment. 34 square feet of garden that gave me 34,000 square feet of pleasure. There are problem areas in a garden and then there are problem gardens, period. Poor drainage, terrible views, a neighbor with a security [...]