Mid-Atlantic Gardening – Not for The Faint of Heart

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I can’t remember which of the many gardening books I was reading the day I jubilantly came across the statement, “If you can garden in the Mid-Atlantic you can garden anywhere.” My self-satisfied smirk widened further when I realized that the author wasn’t even a Mid-Atlantic gardener himself.  This gave his words great gobs of [...]

My Romance with Becky

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Given sufficient provenance, the memory of a plant can hold a place in our affections just as the memory of an old love affair. In fact, such floral memories are perhaps sweeter, for they do not carry the attached nonsense of end-of-the-line supernovas or unresolved conversations – the bitter that always taints the sweet.  They [...]

When Everyone Is Watching: Garden Design for Non-Designers

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A front-and-center garden puts artwork on display and invites accolades or criticism. I've got nothing but accolades for this Oregon homeowner. Designing a garden is a humbling experience, period. But when your design is instantly on display because you are planting an entrance or a driveway, it’s a worrying experience. And, [...]

HOA Madness – or – Just Another Pleasant Valley Sunday

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Yeah. This'll get the clipboards out. Now I have definitely heard everything. Whilst chatting with a friend the other night over landscaping and other related topics that make others at the table suddenly realize they need to get up and refill their glasses, I was told that a local subdivision homeowners’ association board [...]

The Necessity of Underwear

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The tricky business of staking is on the agenda chez Willburn; but with the heat, humidity and resulting malaise affecting all forms of life whether flora or fauna, it is difficult to do more than wave a hose out there and call it good. These are the times that try men’s souls (and this particular [...]

Farm-to-Fork Frederick is here!

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(FREDERICK, Md., June 10, 2015) —The 2015 Farm-to-Fork Frederick program, a concentrated 11-day “eat local” culinary initiative that brings together independently-owned restaurants with family-owned farms and wineries from in and around Frederick County, Md., promises yet another exciting program. Restaurants from two new county jurisdictions – Emmitsburg's Carriage House Inn and New Market's Vintage – [...]

A Garden Today, But What of Tomorrow?

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And on the pedestal, these words appear: "My name is Ozymandias, king of kings: Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!" Nothing beside remains. Round the decay Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare The lone and level sands stretch far away." _________________________________________ It is the time of year when, exhausted by my garden, [...]

Cluck Cluck

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The topic of backyard chickens has reared its feathered head again, causing a spate of ruffled feathers and poor puns throughout local newspapers. It has been over five years since we fought and lost this particular battle in Brunswick. Situated as I am now, comfortably out of city limits and ever more comfortably outside the [...]

Consider The Lilies

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Courtesy of Dan Weil Photography I am having to content myself with other people's gardens right now – having moved house directly in the middle of the growing season.  When gardening friends feign horror at the leaving of a burgeoning garden in mid-May, I must gently remind them that interest rates [...]

Taking a Chance

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Most of the risks I take in the garden are financially motivated and involve the shade garden on the north side of my house.  If a true plantsman or woman comes to lunch with notebook in hand, I save that bit of the kingdom for the last part of the tour.  For when [...]

August, Die She Must

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Listen/Download AUDIO September nears.  We are either excited to begin the fall season and forget about summer failings, or we are starting to plan for next year, when the weather will be perfect, and a kinder, gentler insect nation will live in harmony with our pole beans and pelargoniums. I have let much go over [...]

Puppy Madness

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Listen/Download Audio It's 5:11 am. I am standing in the garden watching the ligustrum shiver as a tiny white bullet passes through the undergrowth and flattens the remains of the iris. Rosy-fingered Dawn is still somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean, leaving my pajama-clad frame illuminated solely by the yellow rays of an iron porch lamp. [...]

A Moving Tale

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Listen/Download Article It has often troubled me to think of my garden when I eventually leave it. With any luck, this won't be a feet-first scenario, as my husband and I are constantly on the prowl for a few extra square feet in which to fulfill dreams of botanical splendor.  But this scenario leaves me [...]

The Big Three

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Listen/Download Audio I am struggling in the garden right now.  It would be untruthful to say that I am not, and I find that pretending otherwise only serves to perpetuate magazine myths that make the home gardener feel inadequate and overwhelmed.  There is joy to be had out there, surely; but three conditions exist that [...]