No No November

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The tender plants are in, the beds are mulched and the leaves have fallen. November is never an exciting month in the gardening calendar, filled as it is with so many to-dos and so few ta-das. I find my enthusiasm lessened somewhat by the cold, and the dreariness of a grey sky, yet coming indoors [...]

A Trio for All Seasons

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Listen/Download Article When you have a small garden and you are trying to make it sparkle for more than the oh-so-brief month of May, it is necessary to blend a thoughtful assortment of annual, biennial and perennial plants that can pull double and even triple shifts with flowers and/or foliage well into November.  [...]

Death of a Conversation

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Listen/Download Article A week ago I was leisurely wandering with a friend through his garden when I spied the familiar burnt orange of leaf blotch discoloring what could only be a large horse chestnut tree (Aesculus hippocastanum) near his drive. I was surprised to see the tree in such a dry, rural Californian setting and [...]

Loose Ends to Be Tied

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Listen/Download Article Things are moving quickly in the garden once again.  However it is not new growth of which I speak, nor the rustle of birds frantically throwing together nests in the spirea.  We have reaped that particular whirlwind and now stand on the other side of our garden season – watching the rapid decay [...]

Magical Mushrooms

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Listen/Download Article Most of us have been instructed from an early age to keep our hands and our mouths away from fruiting fungi. We may be happy to nibble on a bit of wild sorrel, or taste the pungent acidity of a dandelion, but the minute we are faced with a large, beautiful [...]

One Last Hurrah

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Listen/Download Article It’s difficult to inspire plants to perform. As a rule, they don’t respond well to sweet nothings, obnoxious shouting is ignored, and begging is right out. At the end of the day it comes down to an adequate supply of water and nutrients, lack of disease and pests….oh and one other trifling detail [...]