What’s Next? (Relax. I’m talking about the garden.)

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It’s a bit disconcerting to find ourselves here again, at the end of the season, facing winter and wondering where the months have gone. Photo credit: Kelly Fowler We're all dealing with it differently. Some of us will continue to grow lettuces in hoop houses hastily constructed over raised beds, while others will [...]

Optimal Growing Conditions? A few thoughts.

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A bit of research work has had me at my books lately, looking up optimal growing conditions for several plants and making notes for spring purchases. It has taken me years to successfully grow poppies, or rather, for seeds to find the right conditions in which to flourish. However, even at half-strength they have [...]

Fall Foliage Color

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Continuing with the theme of possibilities for your autumn garden – I’d like to take your eyes off the flowers for a moment and focus them squarely on foliage – a forgotten area for too many gardeners, no matter what the season. Another stunning Chanticleer foliage combination. Not completely hardy, but completely gorgeous until [...]

Fall Bloom Color

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What’s working in your autumn garden right now?  If you’re shrugging and pointing to a top heavy mum that’s got more juice running through its veins than a Russian weightlifter, you’re on the wrong track.  I’m asking what’s working. Plectranthus 'Mona Lavender' at Chanticleer Garden Perhaps I should ask, what’s working in the [...]

Order from Chaos: A Season with Raised Beds

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September is bringing cool, early morning breezes to the garden which invite a bit of work – albeit under the pretext of slipping outside for a wander with coffee in hand.  Lower humidity levels have also been gifted to us, quite possibly making it an actual crime to go inside when life has finally returned [...]

Ordered Chaos: The Case for a Potting Station

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In every home there is a place where unfolded laundry is thrown and a week’s worth of junk is shoved when guests rap upon the door unexpectedly. For some lucky souls it may be a spare room. For others it might be a more traditional space like a basement, garage, attic, or even a cupboard [...]