Urban Chickens: The bigger picture

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Urban chickens a nuisance? I had four in this coop and no one ever knew... Well, the chickens have won. Not of course the literal chickens, exiled as pets by virtue of prejudice and ignorance, but the figurative chickens – our local leaders who would rather stand obstinately on a disintegrating platform than [...]

Local Fresh, Local Strong, Local Co-op

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I have a clear memory of sitting at my kitchen table four years ago and reading a newspaper article about a small group that was forming to discuss a neighborhood grocery store three miles from my home in Brunswick, MD. My memory is probably so clear because something inside nagged at me to save the [...]

Garden Where You Are, Not Where You’re Not

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My first garden, against a wall, in a parking lot next to my tiny apartment. 34 square feet of garden that gave me 34,000 square feet of pleasure. There are problem areas in a garden and then there are problem gardens, period. Poor drainage, terrible views, a neighbor with a security [...]

Cluck Cluck

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The topic of backyard chickens has reared its feathered head again, causing a spate of ruffled feathers and poor puns throughout local newspapers. It has been over five years since we fought and lost this particular battle in Brunswick. Situated as I am now, comfortably out of city limits and ever more comfortably outside the [...]

Deer: It’s What’s For Dinner

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In Montgomery County, Maryland, it is now estimated that the deer population is hovering near 100 head per acre.  It's enough to make decent gardeners tear up their landscaping in despair and put down gravel and plastic flowers. Not that it will work.  A friend of mine in Germantown moved his deciduous hollies [...]