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Announcing a FREE webinar featuring Big Dreams, Small Garden

Join me on Tuesday, October 13th at 7pm as I kick off the Maryland Horticultural Society’s Fall Lecture Series and bring this popular presentation to online audiences.  Through the generosity of MHS and sponsor, Pinehurst Landscaping Company, this event is FREE to all registrants.  Register online, and you’ll be given a discount code to buy a personalized, autographed copy of Big Dreams, Small Garden!

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Passion & Pain. Perspective & Purpose.

That’s what gardening brings to our lives – a sense of connection to the world around us.  And that’s what this site is all about.

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Mungo’s Journal – Diary of a Garden Dog

But really, who is she kidding?
This site is about ME.

Mungo’s Journal

Read the Diary of a Garden Dog

Mungo : Diary of a Garden Dog

Nessa the Usurper

She got home this week. And if it hadn’t been for this 826-pound, six foot, hairy Muppet sucking up all the attention, I might have enjoyed three beautiful She-free weeks with Him.  On the bed. In the bed.  On Her pillow now that I think [...]

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And suddenly, life as I know it ends.

No sooner had I managed to get over the addition of five more bird brains to the rich tapestry that is life at Oldmeadow, and had the attention that I so richly deserve focused on creatures that deserve to be served crispy with a splash [...]

First COVID and now THIS?

Ducklings.  Because things aren’t bad enough.   It’s been a long month.  He’s home.  She’s home more.  The Girl is home too, which means I can’t get into her bedroom for some high quality snacking off of used plates and a casual root around in [...]


My husband, two children and I had been hunting for a rural way of life for years, and the first few weeks at Oldmeadow felt like a vacation. Reality kicked in a few months later when the furniture was moved, boxes were finally unpacked and we started to realize what Jeanne had told us with a grin at the closing table: “Nature wants it back.”


Gardening in the


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The Garden In October

October remains my favorite month. No doubt I have said that of May -- and might do so again during a particularly charming spring, but October will always possess a deep resonance that May cannot muster.  At once it immerses us in the sights, scents and bounty of the growing season, and then just as suddenly, releases us.  It is fleeting, earthy and all consuming -- and I adore it. [...]

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“Marianne Willburn’s talk was inspirational with practical advice on how to achieve the look you want by honing in on the qualities of what you love about a certain look, and then figuring out how to achieve that vibe while remaining within your budget or smaller space.”

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An ideal guide for those who struggle with limited resources & space, Big Dreams, Small Garden leads you through the process of visualizing, achieving, maintaining, and enjoying your unfolding garden.

Big Dreams, Small Garden

“The author encourages the beginner gardener to see the awesome potential of a possibly depressingly small plot of land…[W]ith great humor, she teaches us to be happy with what we have, not envy those with more, and how to produce a stunning creation we can be proud of.”

Hilary W., Amazon Customer

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Springing into Chaos…and Joy

Miraculous spring. In the midst of the worry and panic that currently grips the nation, I am thankful at least that the Northern Hemisphere is emerging into this soul-lifting season. [...]

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