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That’s what gardening brings to our lives – a sense of connection to the world around us.  And that’s what this site is all about.

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Mungo’s Journal – Diary of a Garden Dog

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This site is about ME.

Mungo’s Journal

Read the Diary of a Garden Dog

Mungo : Diary of a Garden Dog

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And suddenly, life as I know it ends.

No sooner had I managed to get over the addition of five more bird brains to the rich tapestry that is life at Oldmeadow, and had the attention that I so richly deserve focused on creatures that deserve to be served crispy with a splash [...]

First COVID and now THIS?

Ducklings.  Because things aren’t bad enough.   It’s been a long month.  He’s home.  She’s home more.  The Girl is home too, which means I can’t get into her bedroom for some high quality snacking off of used plates and a casual root around in [...]

The Horror of Will-Burns’ Night

Dogs do a lot of embarrassing things.  I get that and I make no excuses for me or my kind. I am what I am. But what I am not, is a middle-aged human who exploits tenuous ancestral ties and an interest in raunchy poetry [...]

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My husband, two children and I had been hunting for a rural way of life for years, and the first few weeks at Oldmeadow felt like a vacation. Reality kicked in a few months later when the furniture was moved, boxes were finally unpacked and we started to realize what Jeanne had told us with a grin at the closing table: “Nature wants it back.”


Gardening in the


July’s Garden

A shift is happening in the garden with the onset of July. The exuberance of spring is over, and gardeners are left looking at the remains of a pretty good party. Whether your garden looks hungover or not depends on the planting you did in the spring. Let's hope it included some flowering heat survivors such as echinacea, black-eyed susan, liatris, pelargonium, goldenrod, verbascum, daylily, gazinia, helianthus, zinnia, teasel, etc...etc..etc...   If you've got some foliage backing it all up (weigela, miscanthus, cardoon, ninebark, colocasia, banana etc.....) and a couple of small shade trees, your garden will feel like a [...]

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Speaking to gardeners at all levels on many topics, Marianne delivers motivational and informative presentations that energize and educate.

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“Marianne Willburn’s talk was inspirational with practical advice on how to achieve the look you want by honing in on the qualities of what you love about a certain look, and then figuring out how to achieve that vibe while remaining within your budget or smaller space.”

Ruth G. – WNC Gardening Symposium, Flat Rock, NC

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An ideal guide for those who struggle with limited resources & space, Big Dreams, Small Garden leads you through the process of visualizing, achieving, maintaining, and enjoying your unfolding garden.

Big Dreams, Small Garden

“The author encourages the beginner gardener to see the awesome potential of a possibly depressingly small plot of land…[W]ith great humor, she teaches us to be happy with what we have, not envy those with more, and how to produce a stunning creation we can be proud of.”

Hilary W., Amazon Customer

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Weed Smart: Tools and Tips

Printed directions and warnings for products that require only a modicum of common sense exhaust me. Yesterday I purchased a vanity mirror with accompanying booklet in four languages on how [...]

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New House. New Garden. New Choices

Friends have recently moved into their This-Is-The-One.  ‘Exciting’ doesn’t seem strong enough to capture the emotions that such a move elicits.  There is excitement, certainly, and joy; but also sadness [...]

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