vegetable garden

Mixing It Up: Flowers, Foliage and Vegetables

2018-02-20T20:40:49+00:00 By |

Taking a friend home the other day, we briefly stopped at my house first.  From the windows of the car I stared at the new growth popping up in the Yellow Garden that leads to the front door. Bright chartreuse infused all with a light haze of spring color, though many taller structural elements still [...]

Order from Chaos: A Season with Raised Beds

2018-02-20T20:41:03+00:00 By |

September is bringing cool, early morning breezes to the garden which invite a bit of work – albeit under the pretext of slipping outside for a wander with coffee in hand.  Lower humidity levels have also been gifted to us, quite possibly making it an actual crime to go inside when life has finally returned [...]