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What’s Next? (Relax. I’m talking about the garden.)

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It’s a bit disconcerting to find ourselves here again, at the end of the season, facing winter and wondering where the months have gone. Photo credit: Kelly Fowler We're all dealing with it differently. Some of us will continue to grow lettuces in hoop houses hastily constructed over raised beds, while others will [...]

Fall Foliage Color

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Continuing with the theme of possibilities for your autumn garden – I’d like to take your eyes off the flowers for a moment and focus them squarely on foliage – a forgotten area for too many gardeners, no matter what the season. Another stunning Chanticleer foliage combination. Not completely hardy, but completely gorgeous until [...]

Fall Bloom Color

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What’s working in your autumn garden right now?  If you’re shrugging and pointing to a top heavy mum that’s got more juice running through its veins than a Russian weightlifter, you’re on the wrong track.  I’m asking what’s working. Plectranthus 'Mona Lavender' at Chanticleer Garden Perhaps I should ask, what’s working in the [...]


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It’s possible that the Perennial Plant Association is reading my mind. This year, another of my favorites has been named as the PPA Perennial Plant of the Year: Anemone x hybrida ‘Honorine Jobert.’ Graceful, hardy and a stunning addition to the fall garden, Honorine richly deserves her award. I first came across this pure white [...]