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Christmas [Rose] Frenzy

The little guy who started it all: H. niger ‘HGC Jacob’ – Photo courtesy of John Willis Photography

Three seasons in a garden and we all need a rest, but no sooner had I written the words, “It is finished” in a recent article than I was sent an e-mail from an (adjectives fail me) […]

Take It Easy

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There is a tendency in human beings to rush into the garden as soon as the temperatures warm and, with nothing but the best of intentions, wreak all means of havoc.  Soil is overturned, whether soupy or solid, perennial clumps are unceremoniously divided and tossed into crypt-like holes, and spring bloomers are given drastic […]

Stealing a Little Spring

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I’d have a difficult time taking care of my garden if I didn’t get out there during the winter months.

For the most part, the garden is in a state of suspended animation. There are exceptions of course, but whether they’re growing, blooming or trying to set up new headquarters for neighborhood domination, they move […]

Let Us Go Then You and I

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E. martinii "Ascot Rainbow" still happy in January

There is much to be enjoyed right now in the gardening year.  Most of it involves my fireplace and an early Pamela Harper volume, but when I finish my coffee in the mornings and glance outside, I am reminded that it’s time to get my boots […]

Lighten Up - I'm Trying To Enjoy Myself

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What is the gardener to make of this winter? Shall we rejoice in sweet bursts of sunshine, indulge in temperatures to rival the winter climes of tourist-clogged states? Or shall we crease our foreheads with educated frowns – certain of the impending doom a mild winter will have on flora and fauna conditioned to […]

To Buy or Not to Buy

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I was posed an interesting question recently. Said my examiner, “If you had to pick one purchase you have made that cost a good deal of money, but constantly contributed to the joy and fullness of your life what would it be?”

I had to think for a minute or two. I am teased for […]