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Let Us Go Then You and I

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E. martinii "Ascot Rainbow" still happy in January

There is much to be enjoyed right now in the gardening year.  Most of it involves my fireplace and an early Pamela Harper volume, but when I finish my coffee in the mornings and glance outside, I am reminded that it’s time to get my boots […]

Lighten Up - I'm Trying To Enjoy Myself

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What is the gardener to make of this winter? Shall we rejoice in sweet bursts of sunshine, indulge in temperatures to rival the winter climes of tourist-clogged states? Or shall we crease our foreheads with educated frowns – certain of the impending doom a mild winter will have on flora and fauna conditioned to […]

To Buy or Not to Buy

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I was posed an interesting question recently. Said my examiner, “If you had to pick one purchase you have made that cost a good deal of money, but constantly contributed to the joy and fullness of your life what would it be?”

I had to think for a minute or two. I am teased for […]

Winter Warm Up

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It’s official. It’s February and the garden is dead. Not a respectable flower head to be seen, not a chewing, rasping, sucking insect to be sprayed. It’s over. Finito. The ground has started to heave, the gate has started to stick and even the hard core gardeners such as myself have retreated against the […]

I'm Okay - You're Okay

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What is this life, if full of care, we have no time to stand and stare?

– WH Davies, 1871-1940

I will admit it. It is difficult, if well nigh impossible, to think of something profound to write about January’s garden.  I simply cannot stand upon my ivory tower and proclaim to the masses the […]

Face It and Embrace It

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If you ask the average person bent double under the burden of yet another winter, there can be little beauty found in a season characterized by bitterly cold winds, lifeless gardens and roads speckled with the ashy white of salt residue. There is no doubt that winter toughens us and makes us stronger; but […]