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Sifting Through the Bytes to the internet, if you are a beginner gardener you can ask everything from “What is a seed?” to “What does soil do?” and rest easy in the knowledge that the only people aware of your ignorance are yourself and the CIA.

Perhaps you don’t know an annual from a perennial, a corm from a […]

Winter's Salvation has a topic been so thoroughly explored and exhausted as that of the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug infestation that has plagued the East Coast for several years. I use the word ‘exhausted’ very deliberately. One grows bone-weary of reading articles filled with half-truths and empty promises regarding physical or chemical control; and after one […]

Wanted Seed or Wicked Weed?

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Larkspur seedlings rapidly going from “wanted” to “weed”

At any given time in the garden, seeds are germinating at an alarming rate, but how to choose between those you want and those you despise? Experience informs much of the decision making process when one is down on one’s knees, trowel in hand – but […]

Time to Face The Shade

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Temperatures have soared, and with them, my enthusiasm. I may be in the garden a bit more frequently than your average dirt-hound, but that doesn’t make me a glutton for punishment. I welcome warmer temperatures, which spark creative thought and motivate me to work on things I haven’t wished to contemplate for several months.

First […]

Pair Up!

Euphorbia x martinii “Ascot Rainbow” in conversation with a diminutive tête-à-tête narcissus

The whole, as we say, is often greater than the sum of its parts.  So true in the garden this spring, as I watch bulbs that have for years come up drearily in the same place only to take on more significance with […]


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Every once and awhile, and contrary to the best laid plans of mice and men, the garden decides to take matters into its own hands and do some planting without the express permission of the resident gardener.

We are quick to pull out the dandelions and purslane (though both are edible), and it’s obvious that […]