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Eating Cheaply. Eating Well.

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Recently, I was fortunate to participate in a panel discussion about eating well on a tight budget. Though I love good, wholesome food and beautiful things, I am, and have always been, a self-proclaimed cheapskate. Compliment me on my brushed camel coat and a demure smile is the last thing to settle upon my […]

Fall Foliage Fun

The autumn show-stopper, A. hubrectii backed by viburnum and thuja

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The maples and oaks began to blush red in the woodlands last week, following hot on the heels of the tulip poplars and hickory that populate our hillsides and dominate the color scheme with rust and gold. With this final act, the end of […]

The Most Dangerous Game? Hardly.

Laetiporus sulphureus

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My mind is not on my work at this time of year. Though conscience dictates that I should be digging holes for the last of the leaf-spattered pots to go in the ground, I am taking every opportunity instead to play hooky. Mother Nature has laid for us the cleverest of treasure […]

Call Plant Protective ServicesAuto Draft

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Plants suffer at the hands of well-meaning gardeners every day, but no plant suffers greater than a plant which a gardener knows will accept harsh treatment and survive.

These are the plants determined to cling on to life long after most would have given up the fight and limped the long green mile to the […]

Death of a Conversation

I was asked by a friend if I would republish this column for Thanksgiving day as a gentle reminder of what we give up when we turn on our phones around the dinner table.  There are moments in life when we are stimulated by conversation, and other moments not so much; but by turning our […]

To Love, Honor and Obliterate

A marriage is often tested to its extreme limits by the sad fact that those things precious to one person are not always precious to the other. In the early years of my marriage I boxed up my husband’s life before me with the ruthlessness and efficiency of a paid-by-the-hour home organizer. I particularly remember […]