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Death of a Conversation

I was asked by a friend if I would republish this column for Thanksgiving day as a gentle reminder of what we give up when we turn on our phones around the dinner table.  There are moments in life when we are stimulated by conversation, and other moments not so much; but by turning our [...]

To Love, Honor and Obliterate

A marriage is often tested to its extreme limits by the sad fact that those things precious to one person are not always precious to the other. In the early years of my marriage I boxed up my husband’s life before me with the ruthlessness and efficiency of a paid-by-the-hour home organizer. I particularly remember [...]

No No November

The tender plants are in, the beds are mulched and the leaves have fallen. November is never an exciting month in the gardening calendar, filled as it is with so many to-dos and so few ta-das. I find my enthusiasm lessened somewhat by the cold, and the dreariness of a grey sky, yet coming indoors [...]

Delicious Autumn

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Once again, I am hearing myself say the words, “I don’t ever think I’ve seen a fall so beautiful.” It is not true of course – I have said this too many times during our years on the East Coast to be right this year. And yet I feel justified once again in defending [...]

No Mowing Required

'Andrea Atkinson' anemone and 'Summer Showers' pelargonium bring color to the fall garden

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Sometimes it’s good to get your head out of your own garden and see if there is anything greener on the other side of the fence.  If you do so at this time of year, you will no doubt start to [...]

Gardening by Habit

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With the exception of three lovely evenings at yoga, it has been six months since I charged up my mp3 and headed off to the gym for an hour’s endorphin rush. Sure I’ve kept active in the garden, and the warm weather inspires a few more walks with attached dogs than does bitter January; [...]