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About Marianne Willburn

© Daniel Weil Images 2013

© Daniel Weil Images 2013

Against all rumors to the contrary, I was not blessed at birth with a trowel in one hand and a pair of clippers in the other.  I have however been avidly gardening for many years.  Those years have seen me gardening on city terraces and patios, fighting regulations in suburban lots, and restoring a 100 year-old garden in a small town with twitching curtains but a great sense of place.  Our newest garden allows me more space to plant but also allows me the small town feel I have grown to love over the last ten years.

I, and many others like me, have felt called to this great green obsession, aware that the sum of our ignorance stands greater than our collective knowledge base.  Yet Mother Nature is not a snob.  She is not conscious of age, race, creed, social position, or sex (unless it’s behind the shrubbery). She is forgiving.  There is always next year, next season in the garden – and many of us count on this fact year after year.

As the mother of two children and wife to a horticulturally-challenged husband, learning to balance this obsession with the demands of home and family is tricky; and therefore makes up a great deal of my writing.  Much of the horticultural advice out there can be daunting and it’s nice to know how a fellow gardener is applying practical advice which is sometimes less than practical – this is precisely how The Small Town Gardener/Conversations In The Garden® evolved.