Fall Color: Not Just About the Trees

What’s working in your autumn garden right now?  If you’re shrugging and pointing to a top heavy mum that’s got more juice running through its veins than a Russian weightlifter, [...]

Preparing for The End

There is an end to every good party and thankfully, every bad one, but whichever one your garden has taken you to this year, it’s time to start hunting for [...]

Order from Chaos: A Season with Raised Beds

September is bringing cool, early morning breezes to the garden which invite a bit of work – albeit under the pretext of slipping outside for a wander with coffee in [...]

Gardening With a View in Mind

A view does not merely exist in the world of sweeping Montana pastures or rocky coastlines in Maine. It is as simple as a framed viewpoint – a scene on [...]

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Conversations in the Garden®

The Gardener’s Autumn Wardrobe

“WHAT are you wearing?!?” I was asked this the other day by a friend who dropped by to find me clothed in some terrible mixture of [...]

The Price of Greenery is Eternal Vigilance

In August, the gardener can be forgiven for wanting some time off.  Forgiven that is, by other gardeners – the garden itself does not forgive and [...]

Eating Well Shouldn’t Be An Elite Sport

Human beings have sought control of their outside environments for millennia – and not without a great deal of effort. When Harry Hunter-Gatherer decided to alter [...]

Leaving Under Duress: The Gardener’s Vacation

Visitors by the millions are heading to beaches worldwide during these weeks of summer, and no doubt there are a few who, while enjoying the sun, [...]

A Tropical Response to Humidity

Humidity. It’s separating the men from the boys right now.   Only last weekend I was forced to deride guests for scuttling back inside during a [...]

A Few Good Plants

Granted, the miraculous shoot from the base of this 'slightly alive' Gordonia lasianthus is exciting - but loses it's thrill when it's an annual occurrence. [...]

Mid-Atlantic Gardening – Not for The Faint of Heart

I can’t remember which of the many gardening books I was reading the day I jubilantly came across the statement, “If you can garden in the [...]

Passion & pain. Perspective & purpose.

That’s what gardening brings to our lives – a sense of connection to the world around us.  And that’s what The Small Town Gardener is all about  […]

Gardening in the Mid-Atlantic?

October’s Garden

"Oh, Marilla," Anne exclaimed one Saturday morning...dancing in with her arms full of gorgeous boughs. "I'm so glad I live in a world where there [...]

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Thuja Green Giant

My Romance with Becky

Given sufficient provenance, the memory of a plant can hold a place in our affections just as the memory of an old love affair. In fact, such floral memories are [...]

Let the Garden Soften the Journey

  We'd had a bad day, he and I. Not together mind you, but each in our separate lanes, navigating the daily demons that divert us all from enjoying the [...]

Varmints: First, a rant. Then, a solution.

Disappointment. 8 feet of peas = 4 peas. It was, in many ways, inevitable.  If you build it, they will come, if you plant it, they will eat.  [...]

Smile and Adapt: Gardening the Unexpected

A dry hot April, a wet cold May.  What is the world coming to?  Late April freezes have nixed the wisteria show for gardeners, yet month long May rains would [...]

News of Interest

New study shows healthy living includes HOUSEPLANTS!

Saving this schefflera by taking it inside during the winter could be a mutually beneficial proposition - according to a new study. A recent [...]


Huge smile of relief as the book manuscript heads off to my editor at Skyhorse Publishing with a click of the mouse (and thanks to the [...]