002Welcome to the award-winning Small Town Gardener® and Conversations in the Garden® , a collection of print and web columns filled with humor and gentle gardening advice while dedicated to the passion that is gardening.

To ensure that you (and I) have time to actually garden, I don’t tend to provide endless updates on the state of my mesclun, mind or marriage  (for the record – fairly spicy, fairly sound, fairly stable).  Instead, the Small Town Gardener is a collection of some of my columns mixed with tips, advice and resources for managing and enjoying your garden month-to-month.

So for the moments when you aren’t up to your calves in compost, you can read or listen to my latest articles below, check out new updates and fun links on the right, and subscribe to the Facebook page to alert you to other articles and tips that aren’t posted here.    Are you a Mid-Atlantic gardener? This Month’s Garden will give you an idea of what you should be thinking about right now.

A garden doesn’t have to be perfect.  It doesn’t have to be large.  And in the middle of August, it doesn’t even have to be green.  It just has to be yours.  Your balcony, your patio, your rented city lot or ten acre deer preserve.  Whatever you garden, wherever you garden – join me as we plunge our hands in the earth and begin to reconnect.

– Marianne

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February 4th, 2016|0 Comments

It’s possible that the Perennial Plant Association is reading my mind. This year, another of my favorites has been named as the PPA Perennial Plant […]

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January 4th, 2016|0 Comments

Maybe it’s time to stop saying “I should do that this year…” and put the date firmly on the calendar. If you’ve heard about the Philadelphia […]



‘Easy’ Is a Matter of Perspective

With millions of innovative gardeners on this planet, differences of opinion and horticultural hair-pulling sessions are bound to erupt. Most of us look forward to a little good-natured thrust and parry – particularly in February […]

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Digging Into Cuttings

Winter is a time for research, and not just of the deeper contents of one’s drinks cabinet. Are there techniques that you’ve been wanting to know a little bit more about? Perhaps you want to […]

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First, Do No Harm: Coping with Snow on Trees

An end-of-days snowfall is coming to the Mid-Atlantic this afternoon, if reports are to be believed.  You may be perfectly prepared for the storm itself and have five shovels lined up in the garage for […]

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Notepads and Jackets

Have you been walking through your garden? I hope so. At this time of year we are as clearheaded as we will ever be. Winter may not afford us congenial temperatures, but what it lacks […]

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Neither an Influencer Nor a Follower Be

Though I enjoy dressing well, I’m no fashionista. For the most part, I can ignore the “collar in or […]

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Old Man Time Meets Mother Nature

Lately I am of two minds regarding the passage of time. In one, I stare out of my bedroom window in the early morning at tiny junipers and Japanese maples, and yearn for additional seasons […]

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An Exhausting Autumn

Boy we’ve had it good this season. A fall season that doesn’t just tempt, but delivers on a promise is a rare and precious thing, and I have wrung every bit of loveliness out of […]

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When Everyone Is Watching: Garden Design for Non-Designers

Designing a garden is a humbling experience, period. But when your design is instantly on display because you are planting an entrance or a driveway, it’s a worrying experience. And, if you know that someday […]

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Five Smart Moves for Fall

Whether it’s back to school, back to sports, back to work or back-to-back holidays, autumn can get a little crazy. At the same time our schedules are exploding, there’s tons to be done in the […]

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