Making August Exciting

 “I’ve got a column for you,” said my well-dressed host as we toured his garden not so long ago. I gave him my full attention – Calliope isn’t consistently cooperative [...]

When little becomes big – Avoiding the headache.

  It’s disconcerting to realize your plants are bigger.  A lot bigger. When a tree or shrub finally grips the earth with a committed heart and gets down to the [...]

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – June 2017

I'm new to this, but as the Garden Bloggers' Fling is in my neighborhood this year, and I'll be joining a lot of wonderful garden bloggers from all over the [...]

Come See Me!

I'll be speaking at numerous public and private events in Maryland and Northern Virginia in 2017, and would love to see you! Whether it's about making your garden dreams reality, [...]

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Conversations in the Garden®

Here We Go Again….Or Will We?

There’s an extremely serious discussion going on at my place right now.  At issue is whether or not I go to the trouble of setting up [...]

The Beauty and Balance of a Small Garden

As is usual at this time of year, I am touring other people’s gardens one day only to spend the next 48 hours in mine, rethinking [...]

Falling behind on the planting schedule?

By this point in your seed starting efforts, you are most likely aware of what is working and what is not.     Perhaps you have [...]

You Can Leave Your Hat On

Very few of us can honestly say we look better naked.  Fabric is a true and loyal friend, and that bond grows ever stronger as we [...]

Work or Pleasure? Well, that’s complicated.

Last week, an audience member at a lecture asked me how I take time to enjoy my garden.  She liked to sit down, she said, and [...]

Don’t Break Your Back at The Beginning

We launch right in, don’t we?  Even before the stores have had a chance to discretely remove the de-icing supplies and replace them with citronella buckets, [...]

Mixing It Up: Flowers, Foliage and Vegetables

Taking a friend home the other day, we briefly stopped at my house first.  From the windows of the car I stared at the new growth [...]

Passion & pain. Perspective & purpose.

That’s what gardening brings to our lives – a sense of connection to the world around us.  And that’s what this site is all about  […]

Gardening in the Mid-Atlantic?

June’s Garden

As I type this, we are being gifted with a perfect June day. Low humidity, cool breeze, warm temperatures...all of the things over which we [...]

Holiday Savings with Mason Jar Company

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The Redbuds are Coming! The Redbuds are Coming!

This morning I spent two precious hours as a machete-wielding rock climber cutting back vines and brambles.  This is not an unusual occupation when you live in a woodland, but [...]

Let the Cutting Back Begin

By the beginning of April, seed starting has been featuring heavily on the gardener’s weekend to-do list, claiming what little time we have between catch-up laundry and filing the dreaded [...]

How to Make the Seed Packet Chaos Easier

  If you prefer to grow much of your garden from seed, the process of starting it can be a chaotic mess that will plague you from February till the [...]

Standing on The Edge of a New Season

Wednesday night’s after-school activities (and I suppose one could argue, after-life activities) consist of a long drive to a neighboring community where my daughter attends her confirmation class, and I [...]

News of Interest

The 2017 PHS Flower Show – “Holland” is So Much More Than Bulbs

Choosing a theme like “Holland: Flowering the World” gives the Philadelphia Flower Show a great opportunity to surprise and delight the public.  After all, attendees already [...]

PPA names Asclepias tuberosa 2017 Perennial Plant of the Year

Though I annually make fun of the design and fashion addicts that sit in rapt attention waiting for Pantone to release their “Color of the Year” [...]