The Food-Waste Disconnect

A perfect storm of circumstance ended in a coffee-filled rant on Facebook on Friday, and while I stand by those words (many of which were capitalized, and none of which [...]

When It All Starts to Weigh a Little Heavy: Rest.

The wind storms of late have added substantially to workloads out here.  I’d only just finished with the last of the planting when toppled pots forced me to dig two [...]

Holiday Gift Guide for Gardeners

  Up until last year, I'd never put together a holiday gift guide for readers. Truly useful gifts rarely go out of fashion. Then I was asked by a [...]

Coming Around to Canna

There are few persons more strident as those who have once loved a thing only to turn their backs upon it, unless of course it is those who have hated, [...]

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Conversations in the Garden®

A Beech for All Seasons

Well, it’s happened. The leaves are more or less gone and it looks like winter out there.  A friend writes on social media “‘Tis bitter cold. [...]

What’s Next? (Relax. I’m talking about the garden.)

It’s a bit disconcerting to find ourselves here again, at the end of the season, facing winter and wondering where the months have gone. Photo [...]

Optimal Growing Conditions? A few thoughts.

A bit of research work has had me at my books lately, looking up optimal growing conditions for several plants and making notes for spring purchases. [...]

Fall Berry & Bulb Color

It’s harvest season. Even those who don’t harvest anything more than a cereal box off a shelf know that autumn means decorative berries. But did you [...]

Fall Foliage Color

Continuing with the theme of possibilities for your autumn garden – I’d like to take your eyes off the flowers for a moment and focus them [...]

Fall Bloom Color

What’s working in your autumn garden right now?  If you’re shrugging and pointing to a top heavy mum that’s got more juice running through its veins [...]

Preparing for The End

There is an end to every good party and thankfully, every bad one, but whichever one your garden has taken you to this year, it’s time [...]

Passion & pain. Perspective & purpose.

That’s what gardening brings to our lives – a sense of connection to the world around us.  And that’s what The Small Town Gardener is all about  […]

Gardening in the Mid-Atlantic?

December’s Garden

  "In  drear-nighted December, Too happy, happy brook, Thy bubblings ne’er remember Apollo’s summer look”   - John Keats - from “In drear-nighted December”   [...]

Holiday Savings with Mason Jar Company

$30 off Sun Basket

Thuja Green Giant

Order from Chaos: A Season with Raised Beds

September is bringing cool, early morning breezes to the garden which invite a bit of work – albeit under the pretext of slipping outside for a wander with coffee in [...]

Gardening With a View in Mind

A view does not merely exist in the world of sweeping Montana pastures or rocky coastlines in Maine. It is as simple as a framed viewpoint – a scene on [...]

The Gardener’s Autumn Wardrobe

“WHAT are you wearing?!?” I was asked this the other day by a friend who dropped by to find me clothed in some terrible mixture of camisole and cargo short [...]

The Price of Greenery is Eternal Vigilance

In August, the gardener can be forgiven for wanting some time off.  Forgiven that is, by other gardeners – the garden itself does not forgive and does not arrest the [...]

News of Interest

New study shows healthy living includes HOUSEPLANTS!

Saving this schefflera by taking it inside during the winter could be a mutually beneficial proposition - according to a new study. A recent [...]


Huge smile of relief as the book manuscript heads off to my editor at Skyhorse Publishing with a click of the mouse (and thanks to the [...]


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